29 julio 2009

Espiritu Santo Island

Visit Espiritu Santo IslandThis incredible island sits in the Sea of Cortez about 4 miles off La Paz near the southern end of the Baja peninsula. Once you escape the mainland and arrive on Espiritu Santo’s pristine beaches, you’re guaranteed to leave all your worries behind. The island and its smaller neighbors are part of a National Marine Park. and enjoy the protection of conservancy groups and the citizens of the area, who rightfully take great pride in their stewardship of this unspoiled ecosystem.

The western side of the island is slotted with protected coves that sport long sandy beaches flanked by rocky ridges dotted with cactus. The opposite side is a kaleidescope of colorful cliffs plunging dramatically into the sea. Sea kayaking and camping on the beach are why people go to Espiritu Santo, as well as the awesome snorkeling, which includes visiting Los Islotes for the joyful excitement of swimming with exuberant young sea lions.

Come with Us and enjoy this amaizing experince!

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