12 diciembre 2009

Legend of “El Mechudo”

Opposite the island San Francisquito next to san José island there is a mountain that bathe the sea since ancient times is known as the EL MECHUDO, legend has it that one of the oldest divers off the coast of California they were free to carry out fishing for pearls, at this time the diver was smeared body fat, tied in the body a somate (a kind of rope), and carried in his hand a wooden stake, to defend marine species, once they finished their day's fishing of pearl, natives were in the habit of offering to the virgin the last pearl that they took out, one of the native end their day said it was for her to offer it to the devil, Legend says that the native did not come out of the sea, since then the villagers says that before sunrise many of the boats passing by, have seen an individual of very long hair but on approaching boats to see it, this is re-immersed over time the natives dropped this pearl farm and that place is called EL MECHUDO a very well known, respected and even feared.